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Insulation Removal and Replacement

We here at Wildlife X Team East Texas know how much damage an animal can cause to your insulation. That’s why we offer insulation removal and replacement as part of our services, to help get your home back to its original state.

Why Animals Ruin Insulation?

Animals ruin insulation so often that it’s worth wondering why. You have to understand that insulation is what keeps your home warm. It’s a layer of material that prevents the heat from escaping during the winter months, so you don’t have to turn up the heating. It also stops heat from invading your home during the summer.

When animals find their way to your home – usually during the fall or winter – they seek a warm and safe place, which is granted to them by your home’s well-insulated attic or basement. Once inside your attic, they’ll start ripping apart the insulation and carrying it over to their nests. They use the material to help build their nests, thanks to its softness and its ability to keep their homes nice and warm. They might also start tearing it apart for no reason, except that its presence is bothering them. Animals who get inside your home may also ruin your insulation by defecating on it. Over time, these small rips and tears will result in serious damage, and will significantly reduce the insulation’s effectiveness.

Why is Ruined Insulation Bad?

A bit of ruined insulation here and there may not appear that bad, but it can be quite a costly problem. Without the material keeping heat inside your home, you’ll find your house getting much colder than it used to in the winters. To combat this, you’ll have to turn on your home’s heating more often and leave it on for longer. Your house will also get much hotter in the summer, so you’ll have to make more liberal use of your air conditioner. This inevitably leads to much higher heating and air conditioning bills, and no one wants that.

How Do We Remove and Replace Your Insulation?

Installing or removing insulation can be a dangerous job, especially if a home uses asbestos insulation. Parts of these materials could break off while being handled, causing skin irritation and irreversible lung damage. That’s why we fully cover ourselves and use the proper equipment when replacing your insulation.

First, we prepare the area around the insulation. This involves opening as many windows as possible, allowing the material’s dust-sized specs to exit your home. We also cover the surrounding area to protect your home from debris and other damage.

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    Once the area is clear, we’ll work on removing the insulation. We’ll use different techniques based on the insulation material. We may either remove it by hand or with the use of a special device. After we remove the insulation, we’ll carefully dispose of it.

    We then decide what type of insulation to use, based on your home’s specifications. We also have to decide how we’re going to install the material and begin working on that process. Once we’ve attached the insulation, we prevent heat from escaping by sealing any air gaps.

    To make the process as easy as possible, we finish our work by cleaning the area to make your home as good as new.

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