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Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are the distant cousins of rats and mice, so it should come as no surprise that these small, bushy-tailed animals can cause quite a headache. These pests can do some serious damage to your garden by munching on the plant life there. Like rats and mice, squirrels also have large teeth that are in constant need of maintenance. As a result, they’ll be chewing through your furniture (forcing you to repair them or buy new ones), pipes (causing leaks), and wires (creating a fire hazard). All in all, these animals aren’t nice to have around.

Attic Removal

It’s quite common to see squirrels inhabiting a person’s attic, thanks to the nearby trees granting squirrels access. Most of the time, it’ll be inhabited by a mother squirrel looking for a warm and safe spot to raise her young.

When removing these squirrels, we begin by first investigating the attic. This gives us an idea of the entries and exits used by the squirrels, the location of their nest, and the number of able-bodied squirrel kits in the nest.

We then get to work on the entries by installing one-sided doors. This gives the mother and kits the chance to leave the attic to gather food but stops them from coming back in. This quickly reduces the number of squirrels in your home.

If we see that some of the squirrel kits are too young to leave on their own, we’ll make sure to carefully remove them by hand. Because of this, the young squirrels won’t die in your attic due to being left without a parent.

Birdfeeder Removal

If your main concern is protecting your birdfeeder, there are several things that can be done. One of these is to use a squirrel-proof birdfeeder – such as one with a spring-loaded cage. The birdfeeder’s pole could also be changed to make it harder for squirrels to climb it. Finally, the seeds used could be replaced with specialized squirrel-proof seeds. These are made spicy to repel the squirrels.

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    General Removal

    Squirrels who are left out in the open can be difficult to catch. That’s why trapping is such an effective method, as it’s guaranteed to work. All you need is time.

    As with any wildlife removal, it’s important to first gather as much information as possible about the animal. Where it lives and what it eats are two very important questions, and whose answers will come in handy when placing the trap.

    While there are a number of traps to choose from, there is really no reason to kill these animals, so a live trap is a great choice for the job. These are reliable and can be reused to catch as many squirrels as is needed.

    Unlike most other animals who prefer staying hidden close to their dens, the squirrel likes being high up and in the open where it can be free. As a result, it’s best to place the trap along with these areas. This includes up above your roof, on your shed, along fences, and near any birdfeeders.

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    Once the trap is set, we’ll use some bait – like seeds or nuts – to attract the animal. We’ll also cover up the trap with leaves and twigs to make it stand out less, making the squirrel feel more comfortable when pursuing the bait.

                With that done, it’s time to sit back and wait. We’ll make sure to check the trap often to look for any trapped squirrels and to remove them carefully when they appear.


                While removing a squirrel is all well and good, we don’t consider our job done until we’re sure these animals won’t come back to bother you. As a result, we pay a great deal of attention to finding and sealing any entries the animals use to get inside your home. We also help keep them out of your life by having nearby trees trimmed, and giving you other advice that will help you out in the long run.

    Cleaning Up

                Once the squirrels are out of your home and we’ve taken the necessary precautions to prevent them from coming back, we start cleaning up your home. We clear out any nests in your home and sanitize the area. Any insulation or pipes damaged by the squirrels will also be fixed. That way your life can go back to normal once we’re done, and you won’t have to worry about any diseases or calling any repair companies.

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                Trapping and removing squirrels isn’t as simple as it seems, and many amateur trappers will quickly run into issues. That’s why you should give Wildlife X Team East Texas a call to help sort out all of your problems. We can do it quicker and better, and we’re familiar with all the local laws so you don’t have to worry about them. Call us today if you live in Waco, Temple, or Killeen.