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Exclusion and Repairs

When trying to solve a wildlife problem, you might only focus on removing the animal. With the animal gone, you expect everything to go back to the way it was. Yet the presence of the animal is typically a symptom of a much larger problem, and realizing that is what sets a good wildlife company apart from a bad one.

Many companies who are just looking to make a quick buck may successfully remove the animal, but they won’t treat the heart of the problem. So the animals will soon return to your home, and you’ll have to repeat the entire process all over again.

What is Exclusion?

A secret entry is the root cause of many animal infestations, and these will usually go unnoticed for quite a long time. Even if you spend lots of money and time to remove an animal, they’ll still find their way back if you don’t seal up the entry.

Exclusion is the work we do to repair the damaged parts of your home and to prevent the animals from coming back. With the right exclusion techniques, an animal will never be able to return after it’s been removed.

Holes in Your Wall

A hole in your wall is one of the most common problems you’ll face. These can appear for a number of reasons. It could be caused by a leak; it could be created by termites, or it could just be because the home is old.

We’ll be able to fix your problem, regardless of the cause. Our first step is to examine the wall’s material, which gives us a good idea of what type of filling will help seal the hole. If we see the hole is massive, we’ll often replace the surrounding bricks as well.

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    Holes in Your Roof

    Holes will commonly form in your roof due to storms, poor installation, or just some general wear and tear that happens over time. Animals like bats and squirrels love to take advantage of these holes by making their way into your home.

    These animals can do a lot of damage, so that’s why we put a lot of effort into fixing your roof. We start by carefully removing your roof’s shingles, before working on removing the tar paper underneath. We then fill in the hole in your roof, typically with some plywood. Finally, we attach some tar paper, before reinstalling the shingles.

    Damaged Vents

    Vents lead directly into your home and act like a straight pathway for cunning animals. That’s why they’re normally covered, but animals will make their way into your home when the cover eventually breaks.

    We offer our services to help fix this problem. Not only do we repair and replace vent covers, but we also reinforce them by adding mesh wiring. This makes it impossible for animals to get inside your home.


    Chimneys are another direct path into your home, that’s why many animals love them. Some creatures use chimneys to get inside your home, but bats, birds, and few others might build their nests inside the chimney itself. Using the fireplace can be dangerous when this happens, as it could burn the animal’s nest. This does more than kill the animal, as the fire could spread and burn your home down.

    Our job is to prevent that from happening. Not only do we offer wildlife removal services to get rid of the animals inside the chimney, but we will also use exclusion techniques to make sure the animals never get back in. We will repair and reseal the crown of the chimney, and will even install chimney caps to help keep the animals out for good.

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    Other Exclusion Techniques

    Repairing holes, roofs, vents, and chimneys aren’t the only way to exclude an animal. There are still a few things you can do to keep them out for good.         

    One of the best ways to keep an animal out is by installing a fence around your home. You have to make sure the fence is at least four feet above the ground and that it extends two feet underground. It’s also a good idea to line the top of the fence with barbed wire or a roller. That way animals can’t jump over the fence, dig under it, or climb their way past the barrier.

    Other great methods include keeping pet food indoors and keeping the trashcan’s lid secured tight. This gives wildlife less food, so they’re going to be less attracted to your home.

    You could also trim your lawn to stop animals from hiding in the grass. Trimming trees will also prevent animals from climbing them to gain access to your home.

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