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Your home was infested by wild animals, but you’ve now removed them. The animals are gone, so you might think you’re in the clear. Unfortunately, there’s still plenty of work left, even after the animal has been removed.

What are the Dangers of Animal Waste?

Animals are dangerous. They can scratch and bite you. They can even infect you with their diseases. Yet rarely do people realize how dangerous an animal’s waste is.

The smell is one of the least important effects of leftover animal waste, but it’s going to be the first one you notice. A horrible smell will slowly engulf your home, forcing you to flee outdoors for a breath of fresh air.

If the smell doesn’t trouble you, the stains just might. Given enough time, an animal’s waste will seep into your walls and floorboards. This might go unnoticed at first, but you’ll soon see yellow or brown stains forming all over your home. While this doesn’t harm you personally, new stains in your home can be annoying.

 Yet it’s not the smell or stains that you should be worried about, it’s the diseases. An infected animal will have infected waste, putting you at serious risk. Sure, touching it might make you sick, but so could standing near it. Many animals have their feces slowly crumble into tiny specs of dust, polluting the air with bacteria. With the waste in the air, you’re at risk of inhaling the diseased waste without realizing it. Nothing might come of it, or you could be infected with salmonella and Campylobacter disease.

Our Services

To remove the animal and prevent you from future risk, we offer cleaning and sanitation services. Our professionals carry the right equipment for the job, and they’ll remove all risk of disease in no time.

We start by first vacuuming the area or removing the feces by hand. We spray the area with a special disinfectant. This material will start eating away at the waste that’s too small to be seen. Then your home will be safe and sound after a bit of extra cleaning.

Bear in mind that animals like soiling your home’s insulation. So the material may have to be removed. But don’t worry, because we can handle that as well!

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