Wildlife X Team East Texas

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    Why Should You Contact Us?

                We are here to help you with any wildlife problem you face. Our job is to make sure the animals are quickly removed, your home is repaired, and the animal’s mess is cleaned up. To allow us to help you, you should quickly contact us before these animals do any more damage.

    What Are Our Prices?

                As much as we would like to give you a fixed price upfront, we simply cannot. This is because our services are uniquely tailored to your problem and your home. As a result, we can only give you a quote for our services after we understand the situation or inspect your home. That is why you should call Wildlife X Team East Texas at 254-242-0309 to get more details!

    Factors Affecting the Price

    We want you to understand why our fees are what they are, so here are some of the factors that will affect the cost.

    The Number of Animals: Our prices vary based on the number of animals troubling you. This affects how long it would take to remove them, as well as how dangerous it could be. As an example, removing a handful of rodents is easier than removing a massive infestation.

    The Type of Animal: Different animals need different approaches to their removal. Some animals can be harder to remove and will require more specialized equipment, so these animals will often be costlier to remove.

    The Amount of Damage Caused: Our job includes repairing the parts of your home damaged by animals. This helps keep them out in the future and returns your home back to the state it was in before the animals caused you trouble. The more damage they cause, the more it will cost to fix it.

    The Location of the Animal: Your home is a big place, so animals could be anywhere. They could be in your garden, attic, chimney, or inside your walls. While removing an animal from out in the open in your garden would be easy, an animal inside your walls or chimney will be much harder to remove and will require plenty of extra equipment. That is why it costs more.

    Call for Your Exclusive Wildlife Inspection Report.®

    The Value We Offer

                We may not be able to give you a fixed price before you contact us, but we can promise you that our prices are fair and offer great value. Not only do we remove the animals, but we also repair and clean your home afterward. Our employees receive years of training and use the latest equipment to make sure the job gets done quickly. We also have all the necessary licenses and insurances to allow us to do our job properly and safely, giving you the best results. That is why you get such great value by calling us and scheduling our services!

    What Areas Do We Service?

                We here at Wildlife X Team East Texas offer our services to the cities of Waco, Temple, and Killeen, and we operate out of the city of Athens. Make sure to contact us if you live in any one of these areas, as we will be happy to help solve your wildlife problem.

    What Are Our Contact Details?

                To contact us, make sure to call us at 254-242-0309 or send us an email at jon@wildlifexteam.com where we will be quick to respond back to you. Please let us know as much of the problem as possible, as this allows us to give you a price quote of our services upfront, and will allow us to help you out much sooner.