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Opossum Removal

Opossums don’t have rabies and might help you get rid of the ticks around your home, but they can do more harm than good. These furry marsupials are still home to a number of diseases like tuberculosis and spotted fever. They also have a nasty habit of digging in your lawn in search of food.

Attic Removal

These animals have the remarkable ability to use their tail like an extra limb, making them great climbers. That’s how female raccoons get into your attic to raise their young, but we can help remove them for you.

We start by first identifying which part of the attic is occupied by the opossums. We’ll then remove the mother – either by hand, snare pole, or with the use of a trap. Our next step is to thoroughly investigate the attic and remove all the baby opossums, similar to how we remove the mother. With that done, we’ll set to work taking these animals out of your home. After which we can help clean and sanitize your attic!

General Removal

We offer opossum removal even if the creature isn’t in your attic, and it’s digging up your lawn instead. We’ve found the best way to remove an opossum is to first understand where it lives and what its favorite paths are. Once we have that information, we’ll start setting a trap along those paths. We then cover up the trap so the opossum doesn’t become weary of it, and we even use bait to lure it into the trap. After this, we wait for the animal to be caught before removing it from your home.


You’ve probably seen dozens of repellents online if you’ve tried to get rid of your opossum problem on your own. Repellents like mothballs, ammonia, predator urine, and audio devices are frequently recommended, but we refrain from using these. That’s because our experience has shown that these methods fail to remove the opossum and that they can even negatively impact your home. So, we prefer to stick to the tried and true trapping methods.


Our last step is to always ensure you never have to deal with opossums again, by keeping them out for good. This means going around and finding holes in your attic or home that the opossums can use to get in, and sealing them shut. We can also advise and help you in doing some preventative measures, like securing your trashcan’s lid or harvesting your plants the moment they ripen. A fence can also be a great way to keep opossums out, so long as it’s at least four feet high.

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    Getting rid of an opossum is no easy feat. It requires plenty of know-how, equipment, and proper state licenses. That’s why you can spare yourself all that trouble by just calling us! We service the cities of Waco, Temple, and Killeen, and will be able to remove the opossum bothering you in no time!