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Attic and Crawl Space Restoration

Animals are quite fond of attics and crawl spaces. These places are uninhabited and dark, so they make a great place for wildlife to settle into. They’re also inside your home, so they give these animals plenty of warmth and easy access to all the food you have. When you combine all of this, you’ll see that these spaces are one of the best places for animals to settle into and raise their young.

How Much Damage Could Animals Cause?

 A few animals living in your attic or crawl space couldn’t be that bad, right? Unfortunately, give an animal an inch and they’ll take a mile. Before you know it, you’ll be faced with tons of problems and they’ll turn your whole life upside down.

Animals that occupy your attic or crawl space are known to go around chewing on items. Raccoons can rip through ducts, ruining your home’s temperature control. Rats, mice, and other rodents are fond of chewing on wires, causing damage to your electronics and risking a fire. These animals can even rip your insulation to pieces and use it to build their nests.

Yet that’s not all. While there’s plenty of physical damage to your home, these animals pose a serious health risk as well. They will usually leave a large mound of their waste in your home, infecting the entire area with dangerous viruses and bacteria. These animals also carry a number of parasites who can do just as much harm. Even if you remove the animals causing the problem, the bacteria might still be present if you don’t set about restoring your attic and crawl space.

How Much Will Removing Them Cost?

We can’t provide a fixed cost for attic or crawl space restoration, as the amount of work and time required will vary between homes. The size of the attic, the amount of damage, and the soilage all affect the price. As a result, we’ll need to inspect the site before we can provide you with the cost of our services.

What Do We Do?

We want you to have a good picture of our services before you decide to call us.

Our work begins by removing the waste left behind by the animals, and this is typically done with a vacuum. In some cases, the vacuum might prove insufficient, so we will remove the waste by hand.

Once we’re through with that, we work on removing any soiled or damaged insulation. We’re careful not to damage the surrounding area.

We then disinfect and decontaminate your home with the use of a powerful cleaner.

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    This will eat up any remaining waste, remove urine stains, and dissolve all other harmful materials. It will even seep inside floorboards and other inaccessible spots.

    Our next task is to remove any damaged wiring and fix them, saving you from fire hazards. We also work on repairing any ducts and pipes in your home, reverting all the damage caused by these animals.

    We finally set to work replacing the attic or crawl space’s insulation.

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