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Bell County is home to some of the friendliest people around, and the area has a lot of history behind it. Unfortunately, it’s also the home of many nuisance wildlife, so that’s why we’re happy to offer our services to all the people living in the area. We’re happy to help you if you live in some of the big cities, like Temple or Killeen. We’re also just as happy to fix your problem if you live in the suburbs or in one of the smaller towns, like the town of Holland. We’re here to make sure you can enjoy your life in this wonderful place, without having to worry about any animals bothering you.

Types of Animals and Their Problems

We’ve had plenty of experience working in the area, so we know the kinds of problems you’re dealing with. Our time in the area has taught us all about the local wildlife, so we’ll do an excellent job of removing them. To understand why animal removal is so essential, here are some of the most common culprits in Bell County.


            Rodents cause trouble just about everywhere, and they can be quite difficult to remove. These pests are known for carrying tons of diseases, from salmonella to the plague. Their teeth never stop growing, so rats and mice keep their teeth in shape by gnawing on things in your home. They might chew on your furniture, destroying it and forcing you to replace it. What’s worse is if they chew your wires, disrupting your electronics, and risking a fire. They sometimes even chew on pipes, making them burst or leak.


            Because of the diseases they carry, bats are a dangerous animal to have in your home. They’re a common carrier of rabies, and they bring the disease into your home and chimney. The droppings of a large infestation of bats could cause serious structural damage, and the waste can also infect you if you stand near it.


            Birds aren’t the worst animals to deal with, but they can still cause plenty of trouble. These animals carry a few of their own diseases, but their droppings are their biggest problem. Birds will cover your entire home in waste if you leave them be, forcing you to spend a lot of time to get things cleaned and in order.


            Skunks spell bad news. You know them thanks to their awful smell and black and white stripes. What you might not know is that the smell of their spray can last for a few weeks. It can even blind you if it gets in your eyes. Skunks also threaten you and your pets with rabies. These animals also dig cones in your garden to find worms and other grubs to eat.


            Raccoons carry rabies, and they love bringing it into your attic. They like to rip apart ducts, disrupting your home’s airflow. They even like to chew on wires, so the exposed wires can electrocute you and your family.


            Bell County is a big place, so there are many animals that can cause you trouble. There are the usual suspects, like raccoons, squirrels, and opossums. Yet other animals can cause just as much trouble, like groundhogs and armadillos.

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