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Snake Removal

Many people start to panic at the sight of a snake, and they’ll quickly call a wildlife control company to remove it. This is because many people have a fear of snakes, or they’re worried the snakes are venomous. Yet the fact of the matter is that most snakes you’ll encounter are going to be completely harmless. In fact, snakes only cause five deaths a year. That said, snakes can still cause problems by attacking the animals in your home, and they might even try to bite you if they feel threatened.

Removal by Hand

One of the most commonly used methods to remove a snake is by hand or with the use of a snake grabber. Most experts prefer this method because of how quick and easy it is, but it’s best not to try it yourself as you could risk being bitten or hurt. Once the snake is caught, we’ll place it in a bag and move it away from your home, so it won’t bother you again.

Removal with Traps

If a snake can’t be found or is venomous, we’ll opt to use traps. It may take longer, but it draws the snake out from their hiding spot and is much safer. Glue traps, minnow traps, and maze traps can all be used to rid your home of these slithering reptiles. Once the trap has been set and baited, you just have to wait for the snake to get itself trapped. That’s when we’ll come and remove it from your premises.

Identifying Venomous Snakes

We understand that most people request snake removal because they’re worried that they have a venomous snake on their hands. The best way to check if a snake is venomous or not is to look at their pupils. If they’re round, then the snake isn’t venomous. If its pupils are a thin slit, like a cat’s, then you have a venomous snake on your hands. Of course, it can be hard and dangerous to get a close look at a snake’s eye, so it’s best to keep your distance and call an expert to come handle the problem.

Call Wildlife X Team East Texas

Be sure to call us for all your snake removal needs. It doesn’t matter if you want to remove a harmless snake or a venomous one, because Wildlife X Team East Texas has got your back. We service the cities of Waco, Temple, and Killeen so contact us if live in these areas!


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