Wildlife X Team East Texas

We offer full wildlife control services.

Trust Wildlife X Team® East Texas to get rid of your wildlife problems for good! East Texas is notorious for raccoons, squirrels, rodents, bats, armadillo, snakes, birds, skunks and opossum issues inside both homes and businesses. Our wildlife removal professionals provide repair and wildlife removal and exceptional wildlife prevention to make sure the pests don’t return. We also provide wildlife damage repair to East Texas area homes. View our service area here!

Rodent Control

Wildlife X Team East Texas has got your back no matter what your problem is. We can remove both rats and mice regardless of where they are in your home. Whether they are in your attic, inside your walls, or crawling through your vents, we will handle it and make sure they never bother you again.

Wildlife Trapping

With all the necessary equipment, people, and expertise, we at Wildlife X Team East Texas will be sure to trap any animal bothering you. Our familiarity with the laws of Texas allows us to do our jobs both quickly and legally. So we can handle all your trapping needs.

Bird Control

Tired of all those birds roosting in and around your home or office? Are you sick of cleaning all the droppings they leave behind? Well, do not worry. We at Wildlife X Team East Texas will remove these animals in the most humane and ethical way possible. You will be free of them in no time!

Attic Restoration

Animals do more damage than you might expect. They will leave their waste, rip apart insulation, chew through wiring, and will destroy any pipes up in your attic. Not only will we remove the animal, but our services include a full cleanup of the area as well as any necessary repairs, so your attic will be good as new once we are done with it.

Why Choose Wildlife X Team East Texas?

What makes us special and why should you choose to work with us instead of the dozens of other companies promising to solve your wildlife problem?

We are Family-Owned

            Unlike most wildlife control companies, we are family-owned. That means we can give you a truly authentic service, are flexible in our approach to wildlife control, and will get to know you so we can deliver a service that is specialized to your needs. This also results in us offering our services at a fairer price than most!

We are Local

            We are from the area and know it like the backs of our hands. That means we are familiar with the type of animals you will encounter, their behavior, and the best way to remove them. We specialize in servicing the cities of Waco, Temple, and Killeen.

We Handle Everything

            Not only do we provide excellent service that is sure to remove the animal quickly, but we also do all the work that comes after. We will clean the area once the animal is gone and will do all the necessary repairs. All you have to do is call us, and we will handle everything from start to finish.

Common Wildlife Problems

Having an animal in your home might not sound so bad, but they can wreak plenty of havoc. Here are just a few of the most common problems these animals can cause.

One of the most common problems caused by animals is a damaged garden. These creatures will steal your crops, crush your plants, leave their waste all over the place, and will dig holes in search of food. Before you know it, all your hours of hard work will go to waste thanks to a few raccoons, groundhogs, opossums, or other animals.

Plenty of animals can make your life miserable by making lots of noise at night. This prevents you from falling asleep, making your days miserable, and preventing you from doing your best. Nocturnal animals like rats, raccoons, or bats are the primary culprits, as they make plenty of noise when moving around and communicating with one another.

A destroyed set of furniture is a common feature of most rodent infestations. Rats, squirrels, and mice all need to keep their teeth sharp, and they will do this by chewing on your things. If you do not remove them quickly, you will be forced to have your furniture repaired or replaced.

Your life will be turned into disarray by the work of these animals. You will have wires chewed and ruined by rats, mice, and raccoons. Not only will this cause some of your electronics to die out, demanding a replacement, but these torn wires could also electrocute you and your family. It is also a very serious fire risk.

It may come as a surprise, but animals can do some significant damage to your home’s plumbing. They are attracted to your pipes because of their hard exterior and will use them to sharpen their teeth. This will slowly degrade the pipe, causing leaks and flooding that could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

            Insulation is what keeps your home warm during the winter, and plenty of animals want to use the same material to keep their nests warm. That is why they rip apart the insulation in your home and build their nests out of it. Over time, this prevents heat from remaining in your home, so you end up spending more on heating to maintain the same temperature.

One of the biggest problems caused by any wild animal is disease. These creatures host dozens of different illnesses and parasites, thus causing rabies, salmonella, hantavirus, Lyme disease, and the plague to name a few. That is why it is crucial to remove animals from your home before they hurt you or your family.

These animals could cause plenty of harm to your pets as well. While some of their diseases can affect people, the vast majority can only be transferred to other animals like your pets. Some of the more aggressive animals out there are predators and will hunt and kill your pets. Even if they survive the encounter, they could be seriously hurt.